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Application to the 2018 edition of the Prize is now closed


A new application deadline for the 2019 edition will be posted in September 2018.

Who is elligble to apply


The prize is open to artists who graduated from the various academies at least 8 years ago, and have since exhibited at least 10 solo and group exhibitions in select art venues, and whose works have been documented and featured in catalogues or in other publications.


Dr. Galia Bar Or: Curator and art researcher, former director of Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Ruth Direktor: Curator of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Dr. Aya Lurie: Director and Chief Curator, Herzliya Museum for contemporary art

Arie Berkowitz: Director and head curator, Tel Aviv Artist House

Orly Hoffman: The project initiator and curator of the prize exhibition

Ann and Ari Rosenblatt: Art collectors, founders and donors of the Prize

Committee Members


We recommend preparing your application in advance.

The application should include:

  • The applicant’s CV, up to 2 pages including contact details.

  • A portfolio of 10 images of artworks from the last five years including title, date, technique and size.

  • A proposal for a solo exhibition suited to the 150m2 Upper Gallery of the Tel Aviv Artist House with a short text (of up to 1000 words) describing the project and relevant information.

  • Links to publications about the artist, catalogues, the artist's website, and any other relevant material.

  • Please abide by our technical instructions following.


Application Process


Technical Instructions


  • The application may be submitted in Hebrew, however submitting it in English will be very much appreciated.

  • Please limit your application to one email containing up to 25MB preferably a single PDF file.

  • Image files submitted should only be in JPG format set to 72 dpi, not more than 1200X1200 pixels and not more than 1 MB.

  • Videos should be submitted by uploading the to a video-sharing site such as Vimeo or Youtube. Please add links to your video files in the proposal documents, not to the email.

  • Please do not send applications through file-sharing sites. We will  not download them.​​

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