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Ruven Kuperman

2019 Prize Winner


Ruven Kuperman’s virtuous painting technique corresponds with various traditions and artistic media. His work offers a perspective on current local and contemporary agenda, going back and forth from the public to the personal spear while being inspired by oriental and occidental history and mythology.

Roey Victoria Heifetz

2018 Prize Winner


Heifetz presents a journey in progress while she divides her time between Berlin and Tel Aviv. It is a transition between places, gender transition, and artistic practice that reflects personal processes, which come to the fore in her artworks.

Shay-lee Uziel

2017 Prize Winner


Installation View

We are proud to announce the winner of the second edition is Artist Shay-lee Uziel who will exhibit his solo show at the Tel Aviv Artist House in November 2017.
Shay-lee Uziel lives and works in Tel Aviv. He is inspired by the neighboring urban surroundings. In his art, he explores the urban phenomena in various media with humor and irony.

Artist Ella Amitay Sadovsky

Who would be the 2020 Prize Winner?


Application deadline to the 2020 prize and additional details for applicants are available on the application page.