Shay-Lee Uziel, who lives and works in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, draws inspiration from his immediate urban surroundings. His art responds to phenomena and events that take place in it or are associated with it. His work simulates a subway station. A place of transit that looks like a giant notice board that is characterized by an autonomous architectural aesthetics, which functions as an acoustic unit for the audio channels of a PA system. It is a site traversed by lines of transportation and communication between here and there, between past and future, between nowhere to no place. His work touches on various art media. Responding to the site and space, it is interwoven into different situations that emerge in them. He merges various cultures, walking the line between everyday routine of private life and topical social and public issues, and weaving a dialogue with sculptural practices, while using cheap and available materials. Uziel presents a thoughtful practice that builds on fieldwork and an examination of space and social interactions. His work introduces issues for discussion and criticism. He offers a unique and original perspective that influences ways of observation, and a different formulation of a perception of localism, politics, history, and art.
Curator: Orly Hoffman
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