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Mission Statement

Ann and I love to surround ourselves with art that moves us, touches us, and make us feel alive.  So when years ago Ann started to spend more time in Israel to attend to her aging mother, I took the time to explore the art culture in Israel.  What we found was an abundance of talent, creativity, ingenuity, and passion.  In fact, we were so captivated that we ceased to collect art from other regions of the world and decided to build out our collection focusing exclusively on Israeli contemporary art.  The longer we pursue the goal of having a collection that offers a good representation of Israeli contemporary art outside of the country, the more impressed we are with how Israeli artists remain true to themselves and their surroundings.  Despite the challenges that these artists may face living in Israel, we are continuously astonished by the artists’ sense of authenticity in the face of political strife.  


Sadly, the support and exposure of Israeli art and artists is not as comprehensive as either the art or artists deserve.  For this reason, we decided to give a little back to Israel’s art culture by awarding this prize.  We hope that this prize will not only reward the artists, but that it will also inspire other international collectors to follow suit in supporting Israeli contemporary art.  


Ann and Ari Rosenblatt
Ann and Ari Rosenblatt
Art collectors, founders and donors of the Prize 
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